Frequently asked questions

What equipment do you use?

I shoot all the scenes with the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro, Canon FD Lenses, and professional RØDE audio equipment. All editing and colour grading is done using Da Vinci Resolve Studio 17.

Can I bring my own actors?

Absolutely, if you know people that would be great in your scene, go for it! They can also use the scene for their personal use. Alternatively, I can provide actors at a cost of £35 per actor.

Can you provide locations?

Possibly. This is a case by case situation. Let me know if there is no way for you to provide the locations, and we can discuss our options. Unfortunately, bars/restaurants/stores/museums/offices/castles/space ships and other locations of the sort are not an option, unless you have access to one. Shooting inside is always a safer option, as we are not dependant on the weather, and it is easier to control the environment, both regarding sound and lighting.

How long does it take to film a scene?

I like to plan for 3-4 hours per scene. It might not actually take that long, but it assures that we have time to film the very best scene that we can.

When will I receive my showreel?

I'll try to get you your showreel as soon as possible, but it might take up to 14 days.

When do I pay?

I ask for half the payment when you make the booking, in order to secure your date. The other half must be paid before I send any video files to you.

Do you provide costumes and props?

I do not, you have to source costumes and props yourself.

Can we still film despite Covid 19? What precautions are you taking?

Yes, being on set to film a showreel is work, not a social gathering, and is allowed. The shoot will be in accordance with the advice from the British Film Commission. Face masks will be worn by members of the crew. Face masks will be worn by actors when they are not shooting. Social distancing will be observed as much as possible throughout the shoot. Hand sanitizer will be available on set for all to use. Equipment is to be handled solely by the crew, and will be sanitized before and after each shoot. If you or one of the people you live with are feeling sick or are showing any symptoms, get in touch and we'll reschedule.

Can I reschedule/cancel my shoot?

Yes, you can reschedule your shoot. If you need to reschedule, get in touch at least a week before the shoot date and we'll find a new date that works for both of us. You can cancel your shoot, but only half of your deposit will be refunded.