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Vincent Rosec he / him

I am a French filmmaker, photographer, actor, director and writer. Raised in Normandy, I moved to Alabama when I was 18, and spent five years getting accustomed to the heat and the sun before deciding to make the move back to the comfort of the rain in London in 2017. 


I picked up my first disposable camera 16 years ago, on my first school trip abroad. Upon receiving the developed pictures, my mother was quite surprised to see there were more pictures of pigeons than there were of Roman monuments. 

This however didn't stop me from continuing my journey. I got my first DSLR when I moved to the States, and decided to minor in Photography while pursuing my Theatre degree. I also joined a cinematography club and started regularly making short films with friends. 

I have since filmed and photographed a wide range of subjects, from headshots and showreels to weddings, corporate and sportive events, short films, theatre and film BTS, and a whole lot of travels. 

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